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Six Flags Great Adventure Charter Bus NJ

Posted on   January 26, 2014 By   USC

Six Flags Great Adventure:
New Jersey is home to the world’s famous Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor in Jackson New Jersey, many tourist visit NJ by charter bus and mini buses looking for the most thrilling coasters and fun rides. This year Great Adventure has another great addition to their list of world’s famous rides it’s called Zumanjaro: The drop of doom! The Zumanjaro has the tallest drop tower in the world, with record breaking speeds of 90 miles per hour and taking you 415 feet high this ride will sure make your stomach turn. If your looking for one of the best parks in NJ Six Flags has something for everyone from young kids to teenagers and event adults make it a day or weekend to remember! Rent a charter bus in NJ and visit Six Flags Great Adventure today and see what’s all the hype about!

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Six Flags Great Adventure NJ
Address: 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527