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Why Should You Hire a Coach Bus Rental NYC

Posted on  December 27, 2015 By   USC

Why Should You Hire a Coach Bus Rental NYC?

Coach bus rentals can be beneficial when it comes to all your planned holiday outings this year. Here are good reasons why you should hire a coach bus rental NYC.

Safety matters

When a large group is traveling together, there’s an extra sense of security and safety. Thus, if you want to guarantee your safety and you don’t want to be stuck alone due to a punctured tire or a broken engine, hiring a coach bus rental NYC seems to be the best choice. There are lots of other issues that can come up when you’re camping and this is one of the reasons why it’s best to travel together in groups instead of doing it alone. When you choose coach bus rentals, you are assured that you’ll always have a group of people that will be with you to fight the problems you might face while traveling.

Require fewer vehicles

When you have a group of friends or a large family, it can get really chaotic having to find space for everybody and determine who needs to drive. Usually, you’d have to take several cars to make this work, but you may want to look into a coach bus rental NYC. This way, everyone can ride together comfortably.

Bonding time

There’s no doubt that almost everyone wishes to bond and spend some quality time with each other. Hiring a coach bus rental NYC increases the odds of bonding with other people. If you’re not someone who loves to be alone all the time and you enjoy traveling in groups and talking to others, hiring a coach bus rental is the best option.

Amusement & Theme Parks in NJ

Posted on  December 27, 2015 By   USC


Here is a list of Amusement & Theme Parks in NJ.

New Jersey has many different fun places to visit but when it comes to amusement and theme park NJ is known for the some of the world’s most famous and trilling adventure rides around today. From kiddie parks and family fun to stomach turning rides you will be happy to visit any one of New Jersey’s theme park for your next trip. We offer charter bus transportation to any amusement and theme park in NJ take a look below we have put together a list of New Jersey theme park for you. Feel free to send us a email if you have any further questions about renting a charter bus for your next group trip!

Coaster rides in nj

Bowcraft Amusement Park
Clementon Amusement Park
Fantasy Island
Funtown Amusement Pier
Gillian’s Wonderland Pier
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk
Keansburg Amusement Park
Land of Make Believe & Pirate’s Cove
Morey’s Piers
Playland’s Castaway Cove
Six Flags Great Adventure
Steel Pier
Storybook Land
Wild West City

Best Places to Visit in NJ

Posted on  December 27, 2015 By   USC

Best Places to Visit in NJ
Here are some of the best places to visit in NJ.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Six Flags theme parks can be found all throughout the United States, but when you visit the one in NJ, look forward to having a great time. Many of the lines consist of DJs playing music to entertain people. Six Flags is certainly a sure stop for families wanting to have a great time.

Long Beach Island: Crossing a bridge is all it takes to get here. Whether you’re into beach going, cultural activities, cruises or bird watching, Long Beach Island is one of the best places to visit in NJ. Bird lovers will certainly enjoy great views at the Barneget Lighthouse. Beach lovers can enjoy fun packed shores, with the sea only a few feet down. Boaters will love the ocean and bay too. There are cruises available, so if you’re into boating with family and friends, you will surely love this opportunity. Long Beach Island also has many restaurants, so you can always find a place to eat. If you want to enjoy a nice movie and relax, there are lots of movie theaters to choose from.

Meadowlands Sports Complex: If you’re into gambling and horse racing or you just want to have a good time at their track side dining, visiting the Meadowlands Race Track is surely a great decision. The Racetrack is the largest in NJ and perhaps the most popular in the United States. There’s an outside section that features tellers for gambling, food, tables and bar. The races can be watched up close. If you are not into betting, you can still have a great time. Aside from the Racetrack, there’s also a football stadium called the Giants Stadium as well as the Continental Airlines Arena that is home to the NJ Devils and NJ Nets. At Giants Stadium, you can enjoy Giants and Jets games, along with soccer and various concerts. Overall, the Meadowlands Sports Complex offers everything you need, so don’t forget to visit it when you’re in NJ.

Best Places to Visit in NYC

Posted on  December 27, 2015 By   USC

Best Places to Visit in NYC

NYC is among the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. Exploring the area will need weeks, but what if you’re coming to the city for a few days? Here are the best places to visit in NYC.

Times Square: Day or night, summer or winter, Times Square is always packed with visitors. Every year, many people come here to watch the well-known New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. It is home to famed Broadway shows and the best place to visit if you wish to feel the city’s hustle and bustle. Also, Times Square is a decent area to purchase gifts and souvenirs. Lots of vendors operate here providing pictures, posters, cards and shirts saying “I love NYC”.

Central Park: The 843-acre man created masterpiece located in the center of Manhattan is perhaps the most popular park in the world. There’s no better place in NYC for a morning stroll or summer picnic than the Central Park. Don’t forget to visit the memorial dedicated to John Lennon, the Strawberry Fields.

Statue of Liberty: Situated on the Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American freedom. For years, it was the most recognizable representation of the United States. Transportation to the statue is completed by ferry. While there, don’t forget to visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Opened in 1990, this museum is dedicated to twelve million people who entered the United States through the port of NYC between 1892 and 1954.

Empire State Building: The former tallest building in the world offers a unique chance to watch the wonderful view of the city from an observation desk, attracting over 4 thousand visitors every day. You’ll be awed by the city staying on the 102nd level of the Empire State Building.

Who is the First Company to Create a Bus and Why?

Posted on  December 27, 2015 By   USC

Who is the First Company to Create a Bus and Why?

Buses or also known as omnibus may be used for scheduled coach transport, private hire, school transport, scheduled bus transport, tourism, political campaigns, etc. Carriage, a short-lived early public bus line, was established by Blaise Pascal in Paris in year 1662. It was quite popular until fees were increased as well as access to the service was limited to high society members by rule. Services came to an end after fifteen years and were revived in the 1820s.

John Greenwood arguably launched the earliest modern omnibus service in year 1824. His pioneering idea was to provide a service where no prior booking was needed and the driver would set down or pick up passengers anywhere on their request. Greenwood’s line immediately started fierce rivalry and a dense group of omnibus services quickly appeared in the area. In 1865, his company and its rivals combined into the Manchester Carriage Company.

In Nantes, France, a service similar to Greenwood’s was launched by Stanislas Baudry in year 1826 and soon extended into the Bordeaux area. By 1828, he was licensed by Paris city authorities for the provision of 10 services all over the capital. The coaches utilized along this line had an innovative design and 3 in-built compartments for various paying classes and were able to transport as many as 2 dozen people at a time. The coaches were commissioned from George Shillibeer and roamed the streets of Paris in 1827.